Our approach: customisation and coherency

Depending on your situation, we are able to assist you with all the asset-related issues you may face. We have a pragmatic vision as asset managers, used to listening to our clients and adapting to their needs.

General overview of wealth

Asset management

We accumulate over the long-term performance of the assets under our management through our experience in the markets

Occupational pension fund planning

Manage your pension according to your needs to optimise your asset and tax situation

In Switzerland, occupational pensions are part of your assets, and there are tax advantages to setting them up. For executives and managers, it is important to understand these mechanisms, and to optimise them when possible:

We advise and manage pension solutions, with our DNA as an independent manager and a solid knowledge of pension planning. If you are interested, please contact our manager, who is a pension specialist

Family Office - Real Estate - Financing

Depending on your needs, we can assist you with specific wealth management issues:

In all these areas, we have developed solutions in-house or in partnership with our network of specialists.

These solutions are tailored to your needs, while remaining consistent with your overall wealth situation.