Relationship between the client and Geremant S.A.

The client selects the custodian bank of his choice, preferably one with whom GEREMANT S.A. maintains a close working relationship. The client entrusts our company with a management mandate after having defined his objectives and goals.

The management of his account will take into consideration his currency of reference and the level of risk with which the client is comfortable. GEREMANT S.A. will also consider legal and fiscal aspects in the management of his assets.

The manager entrusted with the responsibility of a client’s portfolio will maintain a close and personalized working relationship with his client.

GEREMANT S.A. practices a traditional management style on the basis of discretionary mandates and also accepts to act in an advisory capacity.

Over the years GEREMANT S.A. has developed partnerships with lawyers, fiscal experts and firms specialized in alternative investment strategies in order to satisfy the ever-increasing financial requirements of its clients.